Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The ATMU Master of Business Administration (MBA) is intended to address student competencies of excellence locally and internationally, to provide a broadly educated student, through the provision of knowledge creation, research skills and competencies based on scientific process and findings.

The ATMU MBA program offers the students the opportunity to acquire a specialization in seven (7) areas:
· Organizational Leadership
· Accounting
· Human Resources Management
· Project Management
· Information Management
· Marketing Management
· Healthcare Management

Generic skills are enhanced such as attitudes, ethics, sense of professionalism and leadership skills to advance the society within the framework of the organizational and personal vision, through the implementation of the analytical skills and problem-solving skills to evaluate and make decisions in a creative and critical way, through experience and research evidence.

The quest for knowledge and lifelong learning skills are developed, which are essential for continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills that parallel the rapid advancement in global knowledge and application of research issues that are relevant to the local, national and international context.



Students must meet the following requirements for their MBA degree:

· Successful completion of a 36 credit hours of program coursework
· Minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0
· A grade of C or higher for all courses in the program
· A grade of C- or lower is not considered a passing grade for any course.
· If the student receives a grade of C- or lower for any course, this failed course

· If the student receives a grade of C- or lower for any course, this failed course must be
repeated in order for the student to graduate.
· Only the grade of the repeated course will be used to calculate the student’s cumulative
grade point average for graduation but both the original and repeated courses grades will appear on the student’s official transcript.
· A student may not repeat a failed course more than two times. If a student fails a course
three times, he/she will be dismissed from the program.
· A student whose cumulative grade point average drops below 3.0 after a course will be
placed on academic probation for the following course. If a student does not raise his/her
cumulative grade point average to a 3.0 or higher after the next course, he/she will be subject to academic dismissal.