Managerial Accounting

This course provides a comprehensive examination of managerial accounting in four major areas: focus on decision making; accounting for planning and control; capital budgeting, and product costing.


The objective of this course are to provide the student with a comprehensive overview of four different areas of managerial accounting.


At the end of this program, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Formulate an integrative business project through the application of multidisciplinary knowledge.
  2. Analyse the impact of decisions and actions on stakeholders including interpersonal, societal, environmental, and organizational considerations.
  3. Develop skills to generate novel and value-creating products, processes, or organizational forms
  4. Demonstrate professional interaction and communication skills.
  5. Apply skills appropriate for senior management professionals, including: analytic thinking, clear communication, effective teamwork, global perspective and ethical practices.
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