Educational Concept

The ATMU degree program develops managerial and business development skills. Based on recent research, the blended learning model, which combines synchronous and asynchronous is now the preferred model for online course design.

ATMU adopted this method achieved by multiple activities such as:

1. Live Events (Synchronous): Instructor-led learning events in which all learners participate at the same time, such as in a “virtual” classroom.
2. Self-Paced (Asynchronous) Learning: Learning experiences that the learner completes individually, at his own speed and on his own time.
3. Collaboration (Synchronous): Environments in which learners communicate with others, for example, e-mail, threaded discussions or debate forums on the LMS (Learning Management System).
4. Assessment: A measure of learners’ knowledge. Pre-assessments can come before live or self-paced events to determine prior knowledge. Post-assessments can occur following live or self-paced learning events to measure the learning transfer.

ATMU uses appropriate technology and believes in using the most cost-effective and freely available technology. ATMU makes sure to provide adequate technical support while giving students and instructors time to adjust to the new technologies.

One of the most important teaching strategies at ATMU is through open communication. We believe that a key to success of any online education program is a high level of communication between students and teachers and between students and students.