• Our Core Values:
    • Mutual Respect, Integrity & Honesty

    We are a scholarly community engaged with many other communities. The members of our community are our defining resource. Our treatment of each other is principled, open, transparent and respectful.

    • Excellence

    We aspire to be the best in all we do, inspiring the confidence and ambition that enable our staff and students to reach their full potential.

    • Responsible

    Individually and collectively, we take responsibility for our actions, work to the highest ethical standards and help each other to always do the right thing.

    • Inclusivity & Diversity

    We are a learning community.  We value interaction between faculty members and students as the fundamental activity of the organization.

    • Creativity

    We are imaginative and resourceful, thriving in an environment that values independent thought and encourages originality and innovation amongst its staff and students.

    • Community & Social Responsibility

    We employ our expertise to serve each other and society. We illuminate pressing social problems and seek solutions. The knowledge we generate enriches the community.